Yesterday we posted the main results of January’s Members’ Panel.  82% of 1,351 Tory members told ConservativeHome that they were very or fairly satisfied with David Cameron’s leadership.  There were, however, clear majorities of members who disagreed with his policy on grammar schools and his 50% male/ 50% female ‘Priority List’ for parliamentary candidates.

Listed below are members’ ratings for ten of the biggest names in the shadow cabinet.  You can click on the graphic for a slighty enlarged and clearer version of it.

Netsatisfactions_2William Hague – long a darling of the Tory grassroots – and David Davis enjoy the highest levels of support among members.  Mr Davis may have benefited from the dignified way he ended his leadership bid and for having loyally served Mr Cameron since having been reappointed Shadow Home Secretary. 

For a relatively new member of the top team George Osborne scores very highly with a 68% net approval rating.

David Willetts who has been high profile in the last week – because of the sex offenders in schools scandal – scores well, too.  With a net positive rating of 61% he outperforms Liam Fox on 55%.  Dr Fox has been relatively quiet since dropping out of the leadership race last October and particularly since being appointed Shadow Defence Secretary. 

Francis Maude, Tory Chairman, finishes bottom of the list of ten.  Although 55% of members are satisfied with his performance, 27% registered dissatisfaction.  This may reflect the legacy of last summer’s bruising fight over members’ voting rights (when he was Michael Howard’s Chairman) and Mr Maude’s responsibility for the controversial ‘A’-list for parliamentary candidates.  60% of party members oppose this list.  Also scoring relatively poorly is Oliver Letwin.  63% are satisfied with Mr Letwin as Tory policy supremo but 27% are dissatisfied.  Mr Letwin’s pre-Christmas remarks on redistribution enraged visitors to this site and may have contributed to the rating.

Mr Hague’s net rating of 83% reflects the fact that 87% of members are satisfied with him and his performance – just 4% are dissatisfied.

Ratings for these ten figures will be tracked every month by the Members’ Panel.  Different months will also see questions on more junior shadow cabinet members, the chairmen of the policy groups and rising parliamentary stars.