More evidence of a Cameron-led resurgence, and more to compound Charles Kennedy’s woes.

The Conservatives are up 7 points in student support since October, according to a poll of 1078 students by The Opinion Panel, a student research service.  The boost for the Tories comes despite Mr Cameron’s support for tuition fees:

"Having lagged in third place behind the Liberal Democrats (46%) and Labour (25%) in October 2005, December saw the Conservative party’s popularity rise to 27%, putting them on level pegging with Labour (27%). The Liberal Democrat’s fall to 38% will be cause for concern among the party for whom students are key target voters."

Their summary is here, where you can download a pdf with a polling chart.

This will give heart to the young Tories who are braving this spring’s annual NUS elections. Despite being Europe’s largest youth political organisation and being bigger than both Labour and LibDem groups put together, many in Conservative Future have been reluctant to engage with the National Union of Students.

Deputy Editor