Tonight (Tuesday) at 10:30pm, Newsnight will be taking an interactive look at David Cameron’s Conservative Party. You can watch the show online.

My understanding is they will be discussing what all the recent changes mean with Oliver Letwin and a panel (including me  – I’ll be speaking from the Beeb’s Washington DC studio (I’m currently in DC studying how conservatives/ Republicans are utilising the internet)).

Newsnight plan to broadcast the best arguments made on this site, so all you WebRoots out there should please get blogging. While the programme is on air they’ll be watching the blog and may include reaction to the TV debate, live on air. They also want to include arguments made via mobile phone video clips. You can text them to: MMS: +44 7725 100100 marking it for the attention of NEWSNIGHT or email it via their website.

I’ll obviously be on the programme but Sam Coates
(my deputy) will be moderating. Once the website is mentioned on the
show, comments may have to be approved as constructive before being