Simon Heffer, Melanie Phillips, Peter Hitchens, Jeff Randall, Irwin Stelzer, Fraser Nelson, Geoffrey Wheatcroft… and now Norman Tebbit.

Tebbit_2Former Tory Chairman Lord Tebbit is the latest right-of-centre/ conservative thought leader to express concerns about the direction of ‘Cameron’s Conservatives’.  In an article for The Sunday Telegraph, Lord Tebbit writes:

"Of course Mr Cameron is right to see that the Conservative Party has to change. Margaret Thatcher saw that too. Nor are all Mr Cameron’s changes ill advised. I had been trying to bring Conservative environmentalists on board the party for a long time and I am pleased to see Zac Goldsmith joining, despite his opposition to nuclear power.  Nor should Tories be ashamed of Mr Cameron’s concern with world poverty, but throwing money at corrupt dictators because they have ruined their economies will help neither poor Africans nor poor British.

The trouble is that we have other problems here at home. With selection on ability (but not ability to pay) and vouchers ruled out, how will we improve our schools? If the Treasury alone can finance hospitals, how can they be run for patients and not for the Treasury?  New Labour has all but destroyed occupational pension schemes. Would Chancellor Osborne take the Treasury’s greedy hands out of pension funds?  How would Cameron deal with multiculturalism, which threatens social stability? Would he encourage marriage and stable families? Could he free us from our masters in Brussels?"