Tebbit2It may be David Cameron’s big speech day but Norman Tebbit is determined to grab a bit of attention for himself.

In a speech to the Bow Group the former Tory Chairman and self-appointed keeper of the Thatcherite flame will "compare the Tory leader to the communist dictator Pol Pot over the way in which he has tried to "purge the memory of Thatcherism"" (Telegraph).

This is the second time this month that Lord Tebbit – who backed David Davis for the Tory leadership – has questioned the new leader’s strategy.  Lord Tebbit told today’s Telegraph that UK elections "are won by the party that gets its own traditional supporters out and discourages those of the other parties from doing the same".  Lord Tebbit clearly believes that Mr Cameron’s eschewal of tax cuts and refusal to talk about Europe, crime or immigration will demotivate the party’s core supporters.

Lord Tebbit’s wide-ranging speech will ask the following questions:

"Is he really ‘New Labour Lite’, a Tory wolf in Lib Dem sheep’s clothing, or a Lib Dem sheep leading a pack of Tory wolves?  Or is he the partys Chairman Mao or Pol Pot intent on purging even the memory of Thatcherism before building a New Modern Compassionate Green Globally Aware Party somewhere on the Left side of the middle ground?"

Mr Cameron also comes under fire from the party’s Europhile wing.  Edward McMillan-Scott, former leader of the Tories’ MEPs, has told The Scotsman that "Mr Cameron seems to be working towards the centre at home and yet moving to the extreme right abroad as fast as he can."  William Hague will be visiting Brussels today as he seeks to implement his leader’s decision to leave the EPP.  The decision may be controversial amongst the party’s Old Europeans but it won the agreement of 76% of party members in last week’s survey of the ConservativeHome Members’ Panel.

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