Gandhi_1David Cameron is playing Gandhi again:

“In my New Year message, I said we should remember Mahatma Gandhi’s words and “be the change we want to see in the world.”  I think it’s incredibly important for us to show that politics isn’t just about policies and elections, it’s about personal commitment and making change happen – today. This event with Climate Change Now is the first of many ways in which I want the Conservative Party to make a difference – not just through our policies but through our personal commitment and passion for change.  Today, I’m emailing our members and writing to every Conservative Association Chairman to encourage our membership to visit the Climate Change Now website and switch their electricity supplier to a renewable source."

Clicking on this website – as David Cameron and Zac Goldsmith are doing this lunchtime in a photo opportunity – seems a perfectly worthy thing to do.  Mr Cameron encourages us to do the same as we eat a sandwich in our lunchbreak.  To do so is, as the site advertises, "quick, easy and free".   Yes, free.

The real test of the green credentials of consumers will be when they do something a little more sacrificial, however.  I think Gandhi would agree with a more sacrificial understanding of what "personal commitment and passion for change" should mean.  What about cancelling the foreign holiday and that polluting plane trip, for example?  I wonder when CCHQ will launch a ‘cancel your Mediterranean holiday’ campaign?