The International Development Committee of the House of Commons has just released a report on Darfur.  Its title is as depressing as it is stark…


David Cameron highlighted the killing of up to 400,000 people in Darfur during his leadership bid but disappointed many ConservativeHome visitors by his answer to a question on the subject from this site (see here).  Yesterday Ming Campbell raised the issue at PMQs and received the following admission from Tony Blair:

"I think the international community is failing people in Darfur."

The media is also failing the people of Darfur.  This video exposes the failure of American TV.  The BBC has been much better but Britain’s written press have been pretty dire.  I know The Times’ Ann Treneman is a sketchwriter but did she really have to write that Ming’s intervention on Darfur was "risk-free and dull"?

This blog is a useful way of keeping in touch with the situation in Sudan.