MoripollA MORI survey of 2,078 adults finds that 31% of the public is satisfied with David Cameron’s performance as Tory leader – 14% more than those dissatisfied.

The survey also shows that 52% are still to make up their minds.

As the table on the right shows, Mr Cameron’s net satisfaction rating compares favourably with Tony Blair and his three predecessors at similar early stages of their leaderships.

Moripoll40Overall MORI finds the Tories are 2% ahead of Labour.

The LibDems on 17% are a full 6% below where they were on General Election day.

Crime/anti-social behaviour/law & order (36%) is seen as the top issue facing Britain.  Then come… NHS (30%) and schools and race relations/immigration (28%).

Prioritisation of defence/foreign affairs/terrorism has fallen substantially by 15% – to 26% – since November.

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