Party leaders’ topics:  David Cameron on independent trust schools and school freedom.
He described the education reforms as ‘vital’, just as Murdoch did the other day, Menzies Campbell asked if Tony Blair would push to strengthen the African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur, and increase humanitarian aid there.

Best joke: It was a dull question time apart from Cameron’s gem about Blair coming in to politics to soak the rich and
ban the bomb, but ending up sucking up to the rich and dropping bombs!

Best line: "Your first act as prime minister
was to abolish grant maintained schools and your last act would be to
re-establish them." – Cameron to Blair.

Biggest cheer of the day: Cameron quoting Prescott: "if you set up a school and it becomes a good school the great danger is that everyone wants to go there". Or Blair responding to  James Clappison who wanted a return of the UK theme to Radio 2: "My influence with the BBC is legendary."

Best behaved person of the day: The Tories and Labour on the LibDem leadership contest, the Oaten affair made it a no-no. The Chancellor, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister were all exceptionally well behaved (none of them were there!).

Best putdown of the day: Cameron to the Labour backbenches who sniggered when he started asking a question about police force mergers. His tone gave him the moral high ground.

Missed topic of the day: They steered clear of the LibDem leadership contest predictably, although I expected some kind of metaphor with the deceased whale of the Thames!

Deputy Editor