Ch_pics_075Party leaders’ topics:  Cameron on the cost of ID cards and
whether Brown supported them, and then on renewable energy trusts and carbon
emissions. Campbell on the post-Soham report and the delay in a police computer system.

Best joke: Cameron berating Blair, he said that he should be the one "asking questions on behalf of the public and him answering on behalf of the
government. If he wants to switch it around he can call a general election."

Best line: ID cards would become "a monument
to the death of big government" – Cameron.

Best behaved person of the day: The House towards Ming – his questions were too serious to mock.

Biggest cheer of the day: Dennis Skinner, who didn’t look like he was expecting to
be called, going on about coal mines. Tony Blair
thanked him for reminding him that "whatever the problem, the origins lie
with the Conservative Party".

Best putdown of the day: Speaker on Norman Baker, who was repeatedly interrupting Blair’s ‘answer’ to his question about ID cards.

Missed topic of the day: Ruth Kelly’s job.