Pmqs_1_2Party leaders’ topics:  Cameron on Iran researching uranium enrichment and meeting targets for tackling AIDS.  Campbell on the "mess of public service reform". Simon Hughes used his question on the NHS.

Best joke: The ongoing jibes at Campbell and Hughes, as well as the absent "other one" (Oaten).

Best line: ""I knew it would be one of those days." – Menzies Campbell.

Best behaved person of the day: David Cameron – after a small initial jibe at New Labour he kept serious toned and relatively focused on issues.

Biggest cheer of the day: The big cheer from Labour and Tory benches when Menzies Campbell was called – it contrasted with the sombre mood created by tributes to Rachel Squire and Tony Banks. There was also a big cheer for Simon Hughes, and for Blair’s jokes at the expense of the notably quiet Lib Dems.

Best putdown of the day: On a quick remark from Ming about the shortage of headteachers, Blair
equally quickly jibed about the difficulty in finding heads for failing

Missed topic of the day: Only a few important issues were raised other than the main one of the Lib Dem leadership, petty politics-wise neither Kennedy or Galloway were mentioned. This was the first PMQs for almost a month but once it got going it was good entertainment if nothing else.

What topics do you think should have been raised?

Did you prefer the performance of measured Cameron or bullish Blair?

Deputy Editor