SpotthedifferenceThe Independent on Sunday has an interview with Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.  She is clearly unhappy at the way she thinks David Cameron ‘used‘ his disabled son Ivan to substantiate his commitment to the NHS:

"Of course he’s got deep personal experience of the NHS because of his child but it’s dangerous territory, I think, for politicians to be talking too much about their own family experience… There are many members of the House of Commons who have very extensive personal experience of the NHS – the Chancellor, for one."

Mr Cameron is certainly comfortable talking about how his son has impacted his politics.  Mr Cameron’s ease in this area is very tricky for Labour to complain about, however.  Who can forget the newly-elected Tony Blair going to church with all of his ‘Galaxy car family’ and that famous Downing Street photo opportunity with a mug in hand and his family’s photo on it?

Ms Hewitt also used the interview to criticise Tory policy on smoking:

"[David Cameron] talks about the Government needing to take the lead on matters of public health and yet, apparently, he is not himself in favour of the ban on smoking."

Mr Cameron is currently trying to give up smoking.