Romney_mittI have a bet with IDS that Hillary Clinton will be America’s next and first woman President.  A combination of her ability to raise money and her celebrity status will, I fear, see her win through.  If she wins Iain has to buy me dinner at a top London restaurant.  If she loses I take him out for dinner and I would be happy to do so… it would be a celebration event. 

If Hillary is the clear favourite to be the Democrats’ nominee the Republicans are struggling to find the right candidate.  Jeb Bush would probably stroll to the nomination if he wanted it but he has been categorical in saying that he does not want to run.  The highly-strung John McCain (so strong on Iraq and who recently praised David Cameron) is unpopular with the base of the party because of his support for Kyoto and for the way he attacked Christian conservatives in 2000.  Guiliani – the hero of 9/11 – is probably too liberal on abortion and gay rights.  Many fear that Senator George Allen  lacks charisma.  Mitt Romney is the candidate that some observers are beginning to take very seriously…

Romney is a conservative Republican and has been elected Governor of the very blue state of Massachusetts.  He is a fiscal conservative at a time when George W Bush has lost control of public spending.  He is a cultural conservative who opposes gay marriage and who believes that Roe Vs Wade was wrongly decided.  He is a hawkish conservative who supports George W Bush’s approach to the war on terror.  And, as I learnt last night, he is a very articulate conservative.  I was at a dinner for 100 or so conservative Christians who were very impressed with this Mormon‘s grasp of policy and his speechmaking skills.  He might be my best hope for ensuring I buy Iain dinner in the second week of November 2008…

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