IcmpollAlthough a weekend poll for Mori put LibDem support at just 15% an ICM poll for today’s Guardian puts them on 19% (albeit two points down from last month).  One-third of those who took part in the ICM poll were questioned after the Mark Oaten scandal broke.

HalfglassThe two main parties are unchanged over the last month with ‘Cameron’s Conservatives’ maintaining a 1% lead over Labour:

  • The glass-is-half-full Tory will welcome this – and enjoy the fact that the Tories have finally escaped the lo-flatlining thirties and appear sustainably competitive with Labour for the first time in many years.
  • The glass-is-half-empty Tory will be disappointed – they’ll say that David Cameron has enjoyed the best publicity we’ve had for a generation, we’ve surrendered supposedly right-wing policies on health, grammar schools and tax and yet we’re only 4% up on where we were at last May’s General Election.

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