Harper_stephen_1This week has seen the first proper meeting of the Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate (APP).  ConservativeHome will provide more information on the APP in coming days but two reports (here and here) give a taste of its ambitions.

The APP is strongly backed by the world’s two most successful conservative leaders – George W Bush and John Howard.  They believe that environmental problems will only be solved by technologies that provide clean development.  They do not believe that developing nations will ever sign up to a Kyoto-style accord so long as it requires emmission cuts regardless of technological progress.

Canada’s likely next Prime Minister, Tory Stephen Harper (pictured), seems set to join the ranks of the Kyoto-sceptics.  This will leave David Cameron somewhat isolated within the conservative community for his enthusiastic support of Kyoto-style environmentalism.

Canada provides a good example of the hypocrisy of the Kyoto signatories.  Canada’s existing liberal government has pilloried America for not signing up to Kyoto but Canada’s emmissions have risen twice as fast as American levels.

We already know that most EU nations are struggling to meet their Kyoto targets (targets that by themselves will do very little to address global warming).  They are struggling despite the fact that they have exported much industrial capacity to developing nations.  The demise of Britain’s coal industry is a leading explanation for our own stand-out performance on Kyoto.