IcamDavid Cameron has recorded a seven minute Podcast for The Daily Telegraph about Tony Blair’s Respect agenda – more of which the Prime Minister is about to announce.  In his broadcast the new Tory leader says:

"I think Tony Blair has missed the main point – which is a bit odd, since it was a point he himself made very effectively more than a decade ago.  He said we should be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. Of course we should – but Tony Blair hasn’t been either. He seems to have given up on any long-term thinking about how we tackle the root causes of crime and declining respect.  His respect agenda is little more than a bunch of recycled gimmicks. It’s all terribly lame, summed up by a typical piece of New Labour nannying – a new National Parenting Academy. It’s almost comical."

Joinbt_1Canada’s Tories have been actively using podcasting, vlogging and blogging in their increasingly hopeful election efforts.

Latest polls put Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party ahead.  The party has been emphasising tax cuts (most recently for charities), action on crime (including greater use of prison), childcare, secure national borders, and measures to clean up government.  Harper’s Liberal opponent, incumbent Prime Minister Paul Martin, has been trying to save his electoral skin by Schroeder-style anti-Americanism but it now seems unlikely to work.

In today’s Telegraph Mark Steyn describes Stephen Harper as having "negative charisma".  What he does have are "glamorous ideas", however.  Steyn says that Australia, Canada (soon) and America all have conservative leaders who have focused on their nation’s interests.  Bush and Howard have been transformative, he suggests.  He recommends that Cameron studies them.