Glover_2One of the best columns in The Spectator was Stephen Glover’s Media Studies.  Mr Glover has now taken his perspective on the press to The Independent and its Monday Media section.  It’s always worth reading.

Today’s column looks at the increasingly difficult relationship between right-wing newspapers and Mr Cameron.

Mr Glover thinks that the Mail may choose to live with Mr Cameron but he is less sure about The Telegraph:

"At the Telegraph, the opposition to Mr Cameron is more venomous. Its editor, John Bryant, is a pragmatic Cameroonian, but he is surrounded by men who are fiercely critical of the Tory leader: the neo-Powellite columnist Simon Heffer; the director of communications, Guy Black, who appears to have taken a dislike to Mr Cameron when they both worked for Michael Howard; and Jeff Randall, who has already had a pop at the Tory leader in his column in the City pages. The paper’s chairman, Aidan Barclay, did not welcome Mr Cameron’s recent unfriendly remarks about big business."

Bbc_2Mr Glover thinks that Mr Cameron – who won the leadership with next to no help from the so-called Tory press – thinks that he can live without the Mail and Telegraph as cheerleaders.  Much more important to him is fair coverage on the BBC.  The BBC is undoubtedly the dominant media influence in Britain but the Corporation often reports what exercises the newspapers and The Telegraph is a big influence on Tory activists.  Mr Cameron would be wise to avoid causing too much upset amongst the right side of Fleet Street.

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