"Lie back and think of England" is how The Sun headlines its whistleblower story on sex-for-passports in a Croydon immigration office: 

"A sex for passports racket at Britain’s busiest immigration centre is exposed today by The Sun.  Corrupt officials bed attractive girls desperate to avoid being kicked out of the country in return for granting them visas.  Meanwhile “ugly” migrants risk having their applications rejected — and their pictures pinned on a wall for staff to laugh at.  The scandal at Lunar House in Croydon, South London — which also processes applications by asylum seekers — was last night exposed by a whistleblower who quit in disgust."

Davis_formal_1Shadow Home Secretary David Davis has reacted with fury:

“How long is it going to take the Government to get this department sorted out? Over the last two years, we have seen immigration officers turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants to keep official figures down, visas and citizenship applications being rubber-stamped without proper checks, and scams in Romania and Bulgaria where people were given visas in the full knowledge their claims were fraudulent. Now we have extremely serious allegations of security breaches and corruption.  Throughout that time there has been a history of cover-up in the Home Office so it is vital that the Government’s investigation should be independent, public and lead to real action rather than yet more unfulfilled promises.”

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