ChappealDuring the course of January ConservativeHome’s daily hits have been rising steadily.  Interest spiked on the day that Charles Kennedy confessed to his battle with alcoholism.  It peaked again on the day I appeared on Newsnight and yet again for the results of the ConservativeHome Members’ Panel.  Interest in David Cameron’s gravitation to the political centre and the anger he is provoking on the right seem to be underpinning this blog’s popularity. 

Running a blog like this isn’t cheap, however, and this week I’d like to encourage you to make a donation to the site’s costs.

41894074743c4531367204Sam Coates recently became my Deputy and is writing occasional posts as well as sharing the task of compiling the frontpage newslinks.  The cost of buying a laptop for him to use and a twelve month mobile internet contract from Vodafone is £1,700.

Another big cost is the software and processing for the Members’ Panel.  I’m also buying some viral email packages to advertise the blog to the many Tories who still don’t know about ConservativeHome.

The total cost of these expenditures is about £3,300 and I’m inviting you to make a contribution towards that sum.  Every donation would be welcome.  All you need is a debit or credit card and you can give by pressing the button below and setting up a secure PayPal account…

‘PayPal’ is an internationally reputable payment service that provides you with complete security.  If you have concerns about paying online, however, please send a cheque to ConservativeHome, 16 St Ann Street, Salisbury SP1 2DN.  Cheques should be made payable to

I’ll update you everyday on how the appeal is progressing throughout this week.  It would be great to get close to the target by Friday.  Please give generously…!


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