We’re not all experts on using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language, a type of programming code), so here’s an idiot’s guide to enhancing your comments in three simple ways.

1) Take a relevant quote, put it on the commenting plate and garnish with a "<i>" before it and a "</i>" afterwards – italicising in this way helps the reader distinguish which words are yours and which are not.

E.g. <i>Sir, you are mistaken</i> Forsooth, so I am.

2) If you want a word to have a particularly strong flavour, simply sprinkle it with "<b>" followed by some "</b>" – emboldening shouldn’t be overdone, but it is useful for general emphasis.

E.g. Sorry for the confusion everybody, my last post should have said "I <b>didn’t</b> shoot JR!"

3) A long URL (Uniform Resource Locator, i.e. website address) sometimes rolls off the blog table. You can keep it together nicely with a dollop of "<a href=", followed by your desired URL (must have "http://") and a hint of ">", then adding your new topping, and a last dash of "</a>" – taking the time do this will also make it a proper hyperlink rather than normal text.

E.g. I do have a credible source actually, it is the <a href=>Monster Raving Loony Party</a>

Please feel free to use this post’s comment section to practice.

I would also like to remind you of ConHome’s comment policy:

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Homophobic, racist or other hateful posts will also result in permanent bans.

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The decision of the Editors is final with regard to any bans.

This is all to safeguard the constructiveness and high quality of our discussions. Note that asterisked swear words still read as swear words, and that some young people are being introduced to conservatism by this site. Also, nobody wants to trawl through an ongoing spat between regular contributors!

If you come across any distasteful comments breaching the site policy please notify us by emailing both and


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