Cpoc_logoThe turnaround in the Canadian Tories has been impressive, despite Stephen Harper’s "negative charisma". The election is on Monday and..

"..the Conservatives are within reach of a majority government and the Bloc Quebecois is closing in on the Liberals in the race for the official Opposition" (The Gazette)

The Liberals have been embroiled in scandal of late. The story of the Income Trust Scandal broke online:

"Small Canadian investors have possibly lost billions of dollars over this make-it-up-as-you-go-along policy making, and friends of the Liberals have been the beneficiaries. In the US, there would be insider trading investigations to determine who knew what, and when. But here in Canada, expect it all to be swept under the rug."

Thanks to the netroots it wasn’t "swept under the rug" – the Mounties investigated and the Liberals suffered in the polls. The influence that blogs like Angry in the Great White North will have had on the election cannot be underestimated.

Then there was the Abotech affair involving government contracting and a Liberal MP falsely claiming that he was an aboriginal Canadian. There was impressive local work to ensure that he is not going to be re-elected.

In addition, another scandal was recently aired by online Conservative commentator Stephen Taylor.

So, Conservative blogs have both independently investigated wrongdoing and kept the news cycle going on it. The Liberals have arguably been to blame for their own demise, but they might have scraped through in better shape if it weren’t for the conservative movement leading the way online.

If you’d like to see some other political blogs from Canada, the BBC has posted excerpts of a few during election time.

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