IcmsuntelAn ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph shows little change from the previous survey in the series.  David Cameron’s Conservatives remain 1% ahead of Labour and the LibDems are on 18% (just 1% off their December rating). 

80% of those sampled by ICM said that recent scandals had made no difference to whether or not they would consider supporting the LibDems in the future.  16% said it would make them less likely to vote LibDem; 2% said more likely.  My goodness, who are those 2%!

Today’s Observer reports that Mr Cameron will make his most ambitious speech since becoming leader tomorrow.  The Tory leader will tell the left-leaning think tank Demos that Tony Blair had the "’profound’ understanding that the changes in Thatcher’s Britain in the Eighties were ‘irreversible, because people didn’t want to reverse them’, as well as with ‘making the aims of a stronger economy and more decent society most explicit’."  That is a direct quote from The Observer , which continues:

"But he will argue that New Labour has in the end failed to deliver – and that the Conservatives now are in a position to do so. Blair’s government, Cameron says, ‘has failed to maintain the competitiveness of our economy, and has failed to lift the excluded out of the trap of multiple deprivation’. It had provided ‘neither economic efficiency, nor social justice’.  The speech will blame the government’s failure on looking for short-term, headline-grabbing answers to serious problems, and on reverting to an emphasis on ‘legislation, regulation and bureaucracy. That is the natural instinct of the Labour Party – and especially of Gordon Brown.’"

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