Biggestinfluence_1Radio 4’s Today programme is currently running a Who Runs Britain? survey and it gave me an idea…


Stage 1: Open Nominations

Over the next few days I’d like you to use this thread to nominate an individual (living or dead, politician or otherwise) who you think is the biggest influence on David Cameron.

  • Is it William Hague?  The former Tory leader is DC’s effective deputy and helped put Mr Cameron’s shadow team together.  Other leading members of the shadow cabinet – George Osborne and Liam Fox – are key allies and supporters of Mr Hague.
  • Is it Oliver Letwin?  Mr Letwin is overseeing the party’s policy review and Mr Cameron has already adopted Mr Letwin’s cautious approach to tax relief and his Kyoto environmentalism.
  • Is it Tony Blair?  Mr Cameron has himself suggested he might be the natural heir to Blair and that he would fulfil Mr Blair’s reforming ambitions in ways that Gordon Brown simply won’t.  Is DC adopting the Clintonian technique of triangulation as he distances himself from the old right and Brownite left?

Please use the thread below to agree or disagree with me and to nominate others…

Stage 2: The case for five nominees is made and debated

I’ll then choose five nominations and invite five people to write 400 word nominations sometime next week which we’ll then discuss.

Stage 3: Voting on the nominees

Following the posting and discussion of those five nominations there’ll be an email vote….

100 comments for: Bush? Blair? Hague? Letwin?

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