Not content with denying Liam Fox the job of Shadow Foreign Secretary, the Conservative Party website has now dropped Liam Fox from his position of Shadow Defence Secretary.  See this on Recess Monkey.

At least is still live.  As Guido noted earlier – Labour’s site is one of the casualties of the Hemel Hempstead explosion: "Welcome to the Labour Party website. The normal site is temporarily unavailable following an explosion at Buncefield oil depot in Hemel Hempstead on Sunday 11 December.  Part of the offices of our hosting company were extensively damaged, resulting in the loss of our site."  I’ve just visited now and it’s still not back.  Pathetic.

On the subject of Hemel, local MP Mike Penning has been brilliant on the media.  Calm.  Informed.  Concerned for his constituents.  A great performance and much better than Caroline Spelman’s confrontational and flustered response on yesterday’s Newsnight.

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