SamcamConservativeHome has already reported two polls that give ‘Cameron’s Conservatives’ narrow leads over Labour.  Another poll from BPIX for the Mail on Sunday (not online) gives Labour a 38% to 37% lead but that 1% lead advantage contrasts with an 8% lead from just two months ago.

The Tory advance isn’t just worrying Labour.  It is piling pressure on to Charles Kennedy – as predicted by ConservativeHome last Thursday.  Thursday’s post noted how the LibDems "always appealed to voters because they themselves have appeared moderate, reasonable, consensual and compassionate" but that "David Cameron is now claiming all of those qualities for his own leadership".  Mr Kennedy has been forced to dismiss suggestions that he is to stand down as Liberal Democrat leader next year as "total and absolute nonsense".  Peter Oborne has accused the LibDems of being "in a state of inanition".  The now politically inactive Mr Kennedy is said to be physically exhausted.

The MoS/ BPIX survey found that David Cameron’s pregnant wife, Samantha, was more popular than Mrs Blair.  34% thought Samantha Cameron was the best model for Number Ten’s ‘first lady’.  Only 21% chose Cherie Blair as the best role model.  By 38% to 31% BPIX’s 2,087 respondents preferred the idea of dinner with the Camerons to the prospect of eating with the Blairs.