Cameron_flagAs I write countless Conservative volunteers are distributing 200,000 ‘Cameron’s Conservatives – Everyone’s Invited’ newspapers at tube and train stations around the country.   Some were distributed last night in an operation organised by the Cameron Campaign.

The newspaper reprises Mr Cameron’s main themes –  change, hope and optimism are words that stand out on the frontpage of the handout.  Inside the newspaper there are big articles on climate change, his national school leaver programme, fighting crime and helping vulnerable people.

The newspaper spells out six characteristics of his ‘modern, compassionate conservatism’:

  1. "More women candidates
  2. Inner city revival
  3. Reflecting modern Britain
  4. A new approach to politics
  5. Constructive opposition
  6. Ending Punch & Judy politics."

Also being distributed last night were a million letters to people who have previously pledged to vote Tory or who have been identified by the Voter Vault system.  This is part of a massive effort by the Cameron team to capitalise on today’s positive headlines and recruit tens of thousands of new members and supporters.

Download one_million_households_letter.pdf