GandhiA working week that began with the Tories co-opting Bob Geldof on to the globalisation and global poverty policy group ends with David Cameron co-opting Mahatma Gandhi.

Here is the Tory leader’s new year message:

“The Conservative Party can look forward to 2006 confident in our values, clear about our direction, and optimistic about the future.
“As the world is changing, so must we. Our central objective in 2006, as a modern, compassionate Conservative Party, is to apply all our energies to tackling the big long-term challenges faced by Britain and the world.  I want us to usher in a new type of politics in this country: constructive, thoughtful and open-minded.  And I want every single member and supporter of the Conservative Party to remember that personal commitment is the most powerful way to bring about change: as Gandhi said, “we must be the change we want to see in the world.”
“I wish all our members and supporters a Happy New Year.  This is an exciting time to be a Conservative.  We’re at the start of a process of change, becoming a Party which is more like modern Britain, and which likes modern Britain more; a Party in tune with the aspirations of the British people; a Party with a clear message of change, optimism and hope.
“I hope that we can inspire many more people to be part of it in 2006.”

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