Cameron_flag_1A Populus poll for The Times gives Labour a 3% lead over the Conservatives.  Labour is on 38%, Conservatives on 35% and the Liberal Democrats on 19%.  Since last Tuesday’s election of David Cameron we have seen two polls give the Tories a lead and this and a BPIX poll give Labour the lead.  In all cases the parties are very close.  Reflecting on the difference between Populus and YouGov and ICM Peter Riddell writes:

"The Populus poll was carried out between Friday and Sunday, later than the other two, so the immediate euphoria may have worn off."

Mr Cameron has boosted the Tories by about 3%.  Riddell: "This was half the jump in Labour’s rating in summer 1994 when Tony Blair became leader, although his party was already between 10 and 20 points ahead in the polls."

The poll’s most interesting finding is that David Cameron would open up a 41%-35% lead if Labour was led by Gordon Brown.  ICM also found that Labour’s position would deteriorate under Brown and YouGov found Brown’s approval ratings falling fast.

Populus found that Labour still enjoys a 55% to 40% advantage when it comes to "would do a good job of managing the economy".

The previous Populus poll was controversially given front page treatment by The Times.  It gave David Davis a lead amongst Tory voters but only included 122 respondents.