Pmqs_1Party leaders’ topics:  David Cameron raised education and free trade for the developing world.  Charles Kennedy raised extraordinary rendition.

Best joke: At the last election the LibDems pursued their "decapitation strategy" – an unsuccessful strategy to remove the party’s leading figures – Oliver Letwin, Theresa May and David Davis.  David Cameron noted that LibDem MPs had a new target for decapitation – Charles Kennedy.

Best line: "White Paper or White Flag?".  David Cameron’s question to Tony Blair about whether he’ll dilute his education reforms in order to appease his backbenchers or whether he’ll keep his reforms intact with the help of Tory votes.

Armstrong_hilaryBest behaved person of the day: Hilary Armstrong Labour’s chief
whip.  After being admonished last week by Mr Cameron for her childish
behaviour she was as good as gold.

Biggest cheer of the day: Tory and Labour benches for Charles Kennedy as the embattled LibDem leader rose to his feet.  CK’s performance was lacklustre.

Best putdown of the day: Tony Blair to Vincent Cable.  The anti-American party’s Treasury spokesman raised the issue of human rights abuses in the US.  Tony Blair defended the USA – although he said that he opposed California’s capital punishment regime – but asked why people liked Mr Cable never raised real abuses – like those in North Korea.

Missed topic of the day: Charles Kennedy and a Labour backbencher raised the issue of extraordinary rendition but it was only the PM who talked about Iraq’s historic elections.  The green benches are as lopsided in their choice of topics as the Today programme.

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