Opinionpoll_1A MORI survey for this morning’s Observer gives David Cameron’s Conservative Party a 9% lead over Labour.  This is a much bigger lead than that recorded by competitor pollsters but appears to confirm Michael Portillo’s argument that the tectonic plates of politics are moving.

The chances of a Labour recovery have been undermined by Tony Blair’s "EU climbdown".   The Sunday Times reports how (1) the French are overjoyed at Britain’s summit humiliation  and (2) how Gordon Brown was not consulted by Tony Blair:

THE HAPPY FRENCH: "Alan Posener, chief leader writer for Germany’s influential Welt am Sonntag newspaper, said the prime minister had gone away virtually empty handed after being outmanoeuvred by the French president.  “Chirac’s praise for Blair is the kiss of death because Blair couldn’t get anything he wanted,” Posener said. “He was so desperate for a deal that he was willing to settle for a vague promise that France would some day review its farm subsidies. That is worthless.  “It is a black day for Europe and a black day for Tony Blair because France was unwilling to move.”"

THE UNHAPPY CHANCELLOR: "The Treasury is said to be "quietly fuming" about the deal agreed by Blair, which will see Britain paying 60% more to the European budget and the UK rebate cut by £1 billion a year for seven years, in return for a mere review of farm subsidies."