Every fortnight, ConservativeHome will compile a handful of podcast recommendations – content that has been published in the weeks preceding – for its readers. Although these will mainly focus on podcasts for conservative listeners, we will try to include other options – should they be particularly interesting. Sometimes this feature will contain other types of media.

Title: Chopper’s Politics
Host: Christopher Hope
Episode: Pricey PCR tests and ‘Remainer Publishers’

Duration: 40:09 minutes
Published: December 2

What’s it about?

There’s a lot crammed into this 40-minute episode of Chopper’s Politics, starting with the appearance of Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, who talks to Hope about all things Covid travel-related. But the part of the podcast that has attracted the most media attention is its host’s chat with Mark Francois, the ERG Chair, about his latest book Spartan Victory. Francois delves into the process of writing the book, and how it went down with “Remainer” publishers, as well as offering his latest views on Brexit.

Some teaser quotes:


  • (On the Omicron variant): “I don’t think it’s going right the way back to the bad old days”.
  • (On Labour’s description of HS2): ‘I have never heard £96 billion pounds of expenditure described as ‘crumbs’ before”.


  • (On the triggering of Article 16): “I don’t think this can wait forever. If you keep threatening to do it, and you don’t do it, after a while you look weak.”
  • “I did approach – over the last year – quite a number of publishing houses… with the aid of a literary agent. In a nutshell the problem was that the orthodoxy within the publishing industry is very, very much Remain.”

A fun interview that covers a huge amount of political territory.

Title: The New Statesman Podcast
Host: Ailbhe Rea and Stephen Bush
Episode: How a chief whip became a rebel, with Mark Harper MP

Duration: 27:33 minutes
Published: December 7

What’s it about?

In this discussion, Mark Harper, Head of the Covid Recovery Group, talks to The New Statesman about a number of issues, ranging from his time as chief whip under David Cameron, to his thoughts on the Labour Party and whether it’s been a useful Opposition during the Coronavirus crisis, to why he’s become a “rebel” after years of supporting the Government.

Some teaser quotes:
  • “The thing I’ve mostly rebelled on has been on Covid, and it’s partly been about the policy, but it’s also been about how you treat Parliament”.
  • On Labour’s Covid response: “They’ve basically given the Government a blank cheque; they’ve agreed things before they’ve even seen them, and someone had to do that scrutiny work”.
  • “On most things, I am very supportive of the Government. It’s just there are one or two things where I’m not, and I’m very clear about that. I haven’t suddenly become a rebel on everything.”

A brief, but all-encompassing, insight into Harper’s politics and what’s made him a Covid rebel.

Duration: 24:31 minutes
Published: December 7

Title: UnHerd
Host: Freddie Sayers
Episode: Inside Australia’s Covid internment camp

Duration: 20:14 minutes
Published: December 2

What’s it about?

Get ready to have your jaw drop watching this video. During the course, Hayley Hodgson, a former retail assistant, talks to Freddie Sayers of UnHerd about her horrendous time stuck in one of Australia’s Covid internment camps, “Howard Springs”. The conditions Hodgson was subjected to, when she didn’t even have Covid, are dystopian to put it mildly.

Some teaser quotes:
  • “They said ‘no, you’re getting taken away. And you have no choice. You’re going to Howard Springs. You either come with us now, and we’ll put you in the back of the divvy van. Or you can have a choice to get a COVID cab’.”
  • “Obviously, I was very distressed. I was crying. I was saying ‘this isn’t fair’, it was just horrible to go through.”
  • “I said ‘once these go negative, am I allowed to leave?’ And she said ‘no, you’re here for the 14 days’.”

A wake-up call as to how dangerous Covid policies can become.