Every fortnight, ConservativeHome will compile a handful of podcast recommendations – content that has been published in the weeks preceding – for its readers. Although these will mainly focus on podcasts for conservative listeners, we will try to include other options – should they be particularly interesting. Sometimes this feature will contain other types of media.

Title: UnHerd
Host: Julie Bindel
Episode: Kathleen Stock: I won’t be silenced

Duration: 49:29 minutes
Published: November 3

What’s it about?

It’s been a hellish few weeks for Kathleen Stock, who was hounded out of Sussex University, where she was a professor of philosophy, for the crime of believing sex and gender are different things. During the course of this interview, she sits down with Julie Bindel to discuss the events at the university, from students’ campaign of intimidation against her, to her ultimate departure. Stock, as always, is intelligent, measured and full of common sense, during the exchange.

Some teaser quotes:
  • “All these posters, all the way along the length of the tunnel, had my name on them: “Fire Kathleen Stock,” “Kathleen Stock’s a transphobe,” “We’re not paying our fees for the transphobia of Kathleen Stock”.
  • “Gender identity theory is egregiously false: it’s terrible philosophy. I cannot emphasise that enough. It sits on this bed of pseudo-philosophy coming out of poststructuralism; it’s a bad interpretation of poststructuralism… It would fail a first year essay.”
  • “I can see why they had a vested interest in shutting me down. And my God, they went for it. And they still do.”

A must-see for conservative readers and anyone with concerns about the direction of travel in regards to gender identity theory. It will leave you under no doubt that cancel culture poses a huge threat to the West, contrary to the claims of some of the Left.

Title: Chopper’s Politics
Host: Christopher Hope
Episode: Matt Hancock on trolling, Tony Blair and ‘Tory scum’

What’s it about?

Last week Matt Hancock made the headlines, after he revealed he had been taking tips from Tony Blair about how handle vitriol on social media. The scoop came from this interview with Christopher Hope, where Hancock and Rupa Huq from the Labour Party introduce their new initiative, which aims to start a dialogue on the abuse MPs face.

Some teaser quotes:
  • “I do think there has to be a way of tackling anonymous abuse because freedom of speech – which I believe in very strongly – and freedom of the press is not freedom to abuse; it is freedom to discuss, and have a discourse, which by its nature you need to know who you’re talking to for the value of that.”
  • “The way libel operates doesn’t work any more, because online, you may only have a few hundred followers and that could still be incredibly damaging and poisonous to the way that discussion happens.”
  • “If we don’t put a stop to this decline and debasement, then politics itself – and therefore democracy itself – is at risk.”

A light-hearted dive into more serious issues. You sense how much Hancock has missed being in the thick of things.

Title: UnHerd
Host: Freddie Sayers
Episode: Covid doctor: no UK lockdown this Christmas

Duration: 27:36 minutes
Published: November 8

What’s it about?

Since the Coronavirus crisis began, ConservativeHome has been delighted to have Dr Raghib Ali, a clinical epidemiologist from Cambridge University, offer his expertise to the site. Frequently Ali contributes Twitter threads to bust myths about Covid and lockdowns, more recently against those who “assume that more restrictions are the answer“, in a post that went viral. In this interview, Sayers quizzes Ali on the possibility of another lockdown at Christmas, as well as whether booster jabs have been rushed through.

Some teaser quotes:
  • “I don’t think we’re going to have any new restrictions between now and Christmas.”
  • “The mask mandate has been maintained in Wales and Scotland, and hasn’t been shown to be particularly effective. If you look at their case rates and hospitalisation rates and death rates since July 19th, when we diverged, they really haven’t been very different to England.”
  • Often, interventions are brought in – multiple interventions are bought in at the same time, or we’re released at the same time. And it’s hard to figure out which one has been the main cause of falling cases or rising cases.”

As always, a measured and in-depth perspective on Covid from a world expert.