By Paul Goodman
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The Evening Standard's excellent Joe Murphy is sometimes a means for politicians to get out news that helps them as quickly as possible.

So it may be in this case.  The paper's Political Editor has tweeted that Baroness Warsi has been cleared by the Lords Commissioner over allegations made about her expenses.

This is a good example of the way Twitter now breaks news.  I would usually be wary of reaching a conclusion before the relevant sections of the report have been published.

But Mr Murphy is a very reliable fellow, and both Sayeeda Warsi and David Cameron have rushed out statements, as follows:

Lady Warsi: "I have always maintained that the allegations surrounding my expenses were untrue and I am delighted that Sir Paul Kernagan has dismissed them.  His report and the report by Sir Alex Allan – two independent enquiries – have now drawn a line under these matters and my only focus now will be to get on with my job"

David Cameron: "I am pleased that these allegations have been dismissed by the Lords Commissioner.  With elections for police and crime commissioners this autumn, this will be a big summer of campaigning for the Conservative Party. As Co-Chairman, Sayeeda will be leading that campaign."

The Prime Minister isn't going to confirm details of his reshuffle now, so not too much should be read into his use of "during the summer" (with no mention of the autumn).

All the same, he could used a more bland form of words, such as "am very pleased that she will now be able to carry on with her work as Co-Chairman.

These allegations were always more simple to understand than different, complicated allegations involving a visit she made to Pakistan (which have also been dismissed).

Claims about expenses misuse have a deadly simplicity, made more simple by one person claiming that she claimed some illegitmately and her completely denying it.

I am assuming that Mr Murphy is correct.  The news will therefore help to support the position of the Party Co-Chairman, who has strongly maintained her innocence throughout.

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