Do you agree or disagree?

And what about these statements?

  • David Cameron was right to veto the recent EU Treaty
  • David Cameron's veto was as big a moment in British politics as Margaret Thatcher winning a rebate from the EU
  • The veto was David Cameron's best moment as Prime Minister
  • There are big dangers in Britain being outside of the inner EU group
  • Britain should look to the trade freely with the whole emerging world and not worry so much about Europe
  • The veto has made the Liberal Democrats very unhappy and likely to be less co-operative Coalition partners
  • The veto has been of exaggerated importance and it won't be long before we realise Britain's relationship with the EU will continue as before
  • The veto is the start of a process that will lead Britain to become more and more detached from the EU

Will Boris Johnson win his battle with Ken Livingstone? Which leading Conservative politician are you most like? Which Cabinet minister was most impressive during 2011?

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