By Tim Montgomerie
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Chris Huhne is very excited about the Durban climate agreement but for once I have to agree with Greenpeace.

The climate change deal amounts to an agreement to agree a programme of action in 2015.

That 2015 agreement (if it ever happens) will then plot a roadmap to cuts in emissions that will only begin in 2020.

So today's politicians aren't willing to do anything but they promise their successors will do something in nine years' time.

Today's politicians haven't even fulfilled the commitments that they made at Copenhagen in 2009 to provide $100 billion to help poorer nations mitigate climate change. Two years later they are only now discussing how this $100 billion fund might work.

Whether it's the aid commitments made at Gleneagles… or the promises of help for Afghanistan… or promises to balance Eurozone area budgets… it's always mañana, mañana.

Unfortunately Britain is introducing expensive green measures now – using immature technologies to impose pointlessly higher energy costs on our consumers while the world's carbon footprint continues to rise relentlessly. China, meanwhile, sensibly waits until investment in new green technologies has actually delivered cost-effective clean energy.

John Prescott thinks the deal is wonderful, however. Remember him? He was the one who promised to deliver an integrated transport policy. What happened to that John?