Argument | The New Statesman

Turning the conventional wisdom on its head, George Eaton argues that UKIP is a threat to Labour in the South not the North

Map | The Irish Independent

Many European countries rely on Russia for gas, but we’re not one of them

Briefing | The New Republic

The Crimean Tatars and why they’ve every reason to fear a return to Russian rule

Chart | @sustainablejohn

The remarkable trend on Chinese coal plant construction

Briefing | Wired

Goodbye, sailor – drone ships are about to make waves

Profile | The Daily Mail

Yulia Tymoshenko – no angel

Chart | The Atlantic

The most highly educated Americans are driving a revival in marriage rates

Profile | First Things

The inspirational Canon Andrew White – the Vicar of Baghdad

Map | @resi_analyst

Superbly detailed map of London showing the distribution of owner-occupation, social tenancy and private tenancy

Image | History in Pictures

Look what’s happened to the most sought after electronic goods of 1993

Fact | @DKThomp

“In 20 years, America’s median age went from 34 to 37. Broadcast TV viewers’ median age went from 41 to 54” 

Chart | XKCD

How humans dominate the planet in one jaw-dropping chart

Chart | @WilcoxNMP

Children’s TV watching by social class

Map | East European Gas Analysis

Gazprom’s gas export pipelines – or why Russia cares so much about it’s ‘near abroad’

Map | Google

Why would we want to build so much wind power in Britain?

Image | @learnsomething

David Cameron should use this photograph to illustrate every speech he makes about the ‘global race’

Fact | @YouGov

Daily Express readers are 21 times more likely to vote UKIP than Guardian readers

Gallery | LifeNews

Twelve animals in womb and one “clump of cells”

Map | @iseff

In case you doubted the economic importance of cities

Chart | @benedictevans

Microsoft once had a commanding market position – but the market sorted that out

Fact | Project Syndicate

Europe’s problem is that it accounts for 7% of the world’s population, 25% of its GDP, and 50% of its social spending

Campaign | ResPublica

The ‘20 Miles More’ campaign to extend HS2 to Liverpool

Map | World Mapper

World map distorted in proportion to the number of violent deaths (excluding wars) – Latin America punching (and stabbing, shooting etc) above its weight

Fact | Business Insider

“Index fund portfolios outperformed comparable actively managed portfolios a staggering 82% to 90% of the time” – so what do we pay those fund managers for?

Image | @CBildt

Lions led by ladies – the defence ministers of Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany

Cartoon | The New Yorker

The economics of climate change

Cartoon | @jakegotetsky

A leftwing hobbit comments on the politics of Middle Earth

Quote | Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

“Maybe when we finally have a First Gentleman… we should… critique the way they look all the time, their choice of tie or their hairstyle or whatever. Or maybe their weight.” – Laura Bush

Research | Medical Daily

It turns out that giving blood has health benefits for the donor as well as the recipient

Chart | The Carbon Brief

How do UK energy prices compare to the rest of Europe? Amongst the middlins…

Image | @JohnV_LEON

Abraham Lincoln’s CV

Tweet | @anneapplebaum

“Poland and Ukraine had the same GDP per capita in 1990. Poland’s now 3x higher. Democracy, Europe, useful after all?”

Map | The Guardian

Remarkable live map of all the planes in the sky right now (half a million people up in the air at anyone time)

Image | @asabenn

Don’t mess with Esther McVey or you’ll end up like these fish

Map | Le Monde

The monthly minimum wage (in euros) across Europe 

Tweet | @EdHowker

“Striking c4 news stat: half of all organ donations come from the bodies of dead smokers” – presumably not the lungs

Quote | Farnham Street

“The difference between magnificence and arrogance is in what one does when nobody is looking” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Polling | YouGov

“Which class would you describe the party leaders as?” – David Cameron overwhelmingly seen as upper class

Fact | ONS

Almost a million more young adults now living with their parents compared to 1996

Chart | @jamesplunkett

What effect did the minimum wage have on the US economy? 1,500 findings from 64 different studies on one chart

Argument | Standpoint

Tim Congdon says that the sceptics were wrong about quantitative easing – it didn’t lead to inflation

Briefing | The Wall Street Journal

There are two Latin Americas – the free market Pacific nations and the statist Atlantic nations – guess which group is doing best?

Fact | @BCAppelbaum

“Share of American adults with jobs at the end of the last five years: 58.3, 58.3, 58.5, 58.6, 58.6”

Polling | Pew Research

How people in seven Muslim countries think women should dress

Chart | @jamesplunkett

So, Britain’s recent record on job creation – just down to part-time work, is it?

Briefing | Wired

The visionary plan for a cycling superhighway ‘floating’ above London’s railway lines

Argument | The Observer

Danny Kruger on what the Big Society could and should be, but sadly isn’t

Map | Amazing Maps

World map of where cannabis is legal – countries that include Uruguay, Bangladesh and, er, North Korea

Chart | @HansRosling

Global population set to exceed ten billion by the end of the century – but the number of children won’t rise at all

Quote | Business Insider

“The only valid political system is one that can handle an imbecile in power without suffering from it” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Briefing | The Economist

A real life Galt’s Gulch has been founded – in Chile

Memoir | The Telegraph

Jeff Randall – one of the few financial journalists who saw the financial crisis coming – bids us farewell

Profile | The New Republic

An astonishing, illuminating and terrifying portrait of Bashar Al Assad

Briefing | Prospect

The depopulation of Russia’s villages – in a country that will have just two working age adults per pensioner in just twelve years time

Chart | Buzzfeed

The youth of today – better behaved than the previous generation

Profile | City Journal

Nelson Mandela may have been a Communist at one point, but more relevant is that he was a Christian

Image | Mapbox

Chinese air pollution – so bad you can see it from space

Fact | John Hanger

Anti-fracking campaigners need to get their priorities sorted – coal is the world’s fastest-growing fossil fuel

Fact | Quartz

Bad news for goldbugs – their favourite precious metal lost 28% of its value in 2013

Quote | @DaniNierenberg

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies” – Nelson Mandela

Argument | Forbes

Tim Worstall and others on why the washing machine is more important than the internet

Briefing | City AM

So, ‘Plan A’ came good for Albion, but how did ‘Plan F’ work out for France?

Research | Ohio State University

“How poor mental health and casual sex reinforce each other”

Chart | @GoodwinMJ

“The political influence/orientation of think-tanks in the UK” – some debatable results!

Tweet | @VictoriaPeckham

“Good point about “young must work for 50yrs” scandal. My folks left school at 14, retired 65 = 50 yrs. Now leave school 18-21+ 50 = 70-ish.”

Briefing | The New Republic

Amid so much bad news from the Middle East, some happier news from Gaza

Tweet | @RobinWigg

“I hope my daughter grows up in a world where no one really knows who the central bank governor is.”

Tweet | @lorddeben

“The word inappropriate is now used for everything from burping to bribery. Isn’t anything wrong, illegal, or sinful any longer?”

Chart | @JustinWolfers

The Great Recession had a comparatively small impact on jobs in Britain, in America though it’s a very different story

Tweet | @nntaleb

“Studying neurobiology to understand humans is like studying ink to understand literature.”

Profile | The New Statesman

Andrew Adonis on Francois Mitterand – the ultimate politician (and not in a good way)

Audio | London School of Economics

Jesse Norman on “Burke, Oakeshott and the intellectual roots of modern conservatism” – brilliant stuff

Briefing | The Guardian

The remarkable growth of the Daily Mail’s online operation – 12.5 million users in one day, an annual revenue of £41 million and 460 members of staff

Image | @_annasimpson

What not to get James Delingpole for Christmas – the world’s largest wind turbine

Profile | The Telegraph

Professor Hans Rosling – the magician-statistician who can see the future of mankind

Briefing | The Guardian

The Central African Republic stands “on the verge of genocide”

Fact | Project Syndicate

Jeremy Oppenheim and Tristram Stuart: “The world already produces more than twice the number of calories that the human population requires”

Chart | The Atlantic

Which countries get the most media coverage? Or why South America is the forgotten continent

Profile | Haaretz

The professional anti-Semite who discovered he was Jewish

Image | Toronto Life

An eye-popping illustration of the way that cars hog road-space

Video | The New Republic

Glenn Beck (yes, that Glenn Beck) interviews Malcolm Gladwell (is there any other?) and the two of them find something important to agree about

Fact | Gizmodo

Like the Netherlands (see Fathoms below), Sweden is mothballing prisons

Briefing | Foreign Policy

Eritrea – a country that’s never had an election (not even a rigged one)

Archive | UK Web Archive

Helpfully, the British Library has archived the Conservative Party website, including those deleted speeches, all the way back to 2004  

Briefing | American Civil Liberties Union

According to the ACLU 3,278 people in America are serving life without parole for non-violent offenses 

Chart | @MSmithsonPB

The economy is recovering, but Labour’s lead in the polls is growing – this chart explains why

Fact | Politico

In America, 49 out of the 50 most densely populated counties voted for Obama, while 49 out of the 50 least densely populated counties voted for Romney

Briefing | Spiegel Online

Angela Merkel should watch out: Her leftwing opponents (who together have a majority in the Bundestag) are inching towards a ‘red-red-green’ coalition

Image | @HistoryInPics

Niagara Falls frozen over – it doesn’t do that anymore

Chart | @jamestplunkett

“The scariest chart in America right now: the labour force participation rate” – a striking contrast to the UK situation

Briefing | BBC

The new UN Human Rights Council – featuring China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Algeria and Cuba

Polling | The Atlantic

The two groups of Americans who would least like a female boss are Republicans… and women

Chart | @resi_analyst

This chart takes some deciphering, but it says something important about the affordability of housing and the risks of the Help 2 Buy scheme

Map | Maps on the Web

What if all the water on the Earth was gathered up into a single sphere?

Chart | The Economist

This is why the pension age will have to rise and keep rising

Profile | Bloomberg

A pop singer could become the next dictator of Uzbekistan. Mind you, she is the current dictator’s daughter.

Image | @mrjohnofarrell

This is how they make the ‘Guy Fawkes’ masks so popular with Russell Brand and other ‘revolutionaries’

Tweet | @Andrew_Adonis

“Fact of day: Westminster & K & C last year raised more stamp duty than N Ireland, Wales, Scotland,the NE, the NW & Yorks & Humber combined”

Idea | Tufts Magazine

The eleven nations of the United States

Briefing | Spiegel Online

The Dutch Freedom Party and the French National Front talk about forming a new group in the European Parliament – UKIP wisely keeping its distance

Briefing |

How does homeopathy work?

Video | RSA

Jesse Norman’s lecture on Edmund Burke for the RSA

Chart | The Atlantic

American government spending on infrastructure falls off a cliff – or more likely a poorly maintained bridge

Tweet | @ianbirrell

“Fact of the day: You can start a business quicker in 13 African countries than in the UK. In Burundi, it only takes 5 days now – same as US”

Fact | The New Republic

American women are 1100% more likely to be murdered with a gun than women in other high income countries (44% of them by current or former partners)

Tweet | @Phillip_Blond

“All true progress in the world is made by and comes from creative minorities – the many are always saved by the few”

Briefing | Foreign Affairs

The most interesting report on Greenland you’re likely to read this week – in fact, the only report on Greenland you’re likely to read this week, but it is a good one

Fact | Maps on the Web

90% of the world GDP is produced by the G20 countries (though that does include the whole of the EU)

Briefing | Andrew Kennedy

How do Conservative Party open primaries actually work? An inside view

Fact | City AM

“In the US, over 8,000 waiters have PhDs or equivalent qualifications, as have 5,057 cleaners” – but do they vacuum properly under the furniture?

Argument | The Guardian

Zac Goldsmith takes issue with Owen Paterson over GM crops

Map | The Atlantic

“China’s coming shale gas bonanza” 

Polling | Prospect

Peter Kellner reveals that “unskilled workers in the south are as likely to vote Conservative as managers and professionals in the north”

Video | The Bronx Youth Poetry Slam

Do religious parent ‘brainwash’ their children? Ethan Metzger, a Jewish teenager, says yes – and a good thing too

Briefing | Spiegel Online

Having secured the home front, Angela Merkel has a plan for the rest of Europe…

Fact | @David_Goodhart

“Odd fact learnt in a week in Nanjing – EU’s Van Rompoy has 130k followers on Twitter on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) it’s 3.1m, reveals a hunger”

Quote | @faisalislam

“Housing is the first of the social services. It is also one of the keys to increased productivity” – 1951 Conservative Party manifesto

Fact | The National Interest

“Today, 124 countries count China as their largest trade partner, compared to just seventy-six for the United States”

Idea | Foreign Affairs

You’ve heard of 3-D printing, but the new frontier is 4-D printing, the extra dimension being self-replication – what could possibly go wrong?

Map | @resi_analyst

The little nations of London

Image | Business Insider

The first photograph with people in it is now 175 years old

Tweet | @OborneTweets

“The Government is opposed to state ownership of British assets unless they are owned by the French or Chinese governments.”

Chart |

In just fifteen years India will have more working age people than China

Fact | The London Review of Books

Until last month the letter Q was illegal in Turkey

Video | BBC

Zac Goldsmith makes the case for a voter power of recall over MPs – a promise made by all three parties before the election and broken afterwards

Chart | Buzzfeed

Would you really want to be young again? Here are thirteen reasons to put you off the idea

Briefing | Christian Medical Comment

Life with Downs Syndrome is an overwhelmingly positive experience for people with the condition and their families, yet nine out of ten Downs Syndrome babies are aborted

Video | The Wall Street Journal

Air pollution is responsible for one in every six deaths from lung cancer

Argument | Reason

This will annoy all the right people – Ira Stoll argues that John F Kennedy was a conservative

Briefing | The New Statesman

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party makes a come-back

Fact | Foreign Policy

Mao Zedong’s ‘Little Red Book’ – the best-selling Chinese book of all time – is now out of print in China

Quote | Kottke

“The American futurologist Ray Kurzweil, the Messiah of the Nerds, thinks that in about 20 years or less computers will become conscious and take over the world (Kurzweil now works for Google)” – Michael Hanlon, in his brilliant article on the science of consciousness

Briefing | Gizmodo

A fascinating report on Britain’s ‘capture houses’ – a  secret network of flats and townhouses run by the police to catch burglars

Chart | @BenChu_

A chart from the Office of Budget Responsibility admitting how wrong their growth forecasts were

Briefing | The Economist

The remarkable growth of the London Overground

Briefing | The Bohemian Blog

Good news for potheads! There’s a country where cannabis is completely legal. The bad news is that its North Korea.

Video | Wired

Would you like to see some footage of a galloping quadrapedal military robot? Of course you would!

Tweet | @justinwolfers

“Remember the efficient markets hypothesis? A stock called TWTRQ is up 1500% today because people think it’s Twitter.”

Briefing | The New York Times

Swedish nuclear power station shut down by swarm jellyfish – happens quite a lot apparently

Argument | The Daily Mail

Even the former editor of ‘Loaded’ magazine is shocked by the exposure of school children to extreme pornography

Fact | The Huffington Post

Which is the most racially segregated city in America? Washington? Atlanta? New Orleans? No, it’s Barack Obama’s home town, Chicago

Briefing | The Atlantic

The long and twisted story of alcoholism and state power in Russia

Quote | The Spectator

“What is a market? It’s a transaction between one person and another. To be instinctively against markets is like being instinctively against conversations between people.” – Amartya Sen

Briefing | New Scientist

If you think that aid programmes never do any good, then read this about the progress being made against HIV

Chart | The Economist

Capitalism versus Communism: American politicians are rich, Chinese politicians are richer

Tweet | @edwestonline

“I’d like Tesco to sell a ‘Sanctimonious little G*t’ doll that shrieks ‘I’m offended’ when you squeeze it. suitable for ages 3-4”

Video | The Freedom Association

Dan Hannan’s lecture on Magna Carta: “the secular miracle of the English-speaking peoples”

Argument | Sam Freedman

On the issue of profit-making free schools and academies, a significant change of mind from a key advisor to Michael Gove

Polling | Ipsos MORI

Context is everything: The very different public reactions to the long and the short versions of what Margaret Thatcher said about society