Briefing | Bloomberg

How rich is Vladimir Putin?

Briefing | The Huffington Post

Dutch prisons are closing due to lack of criminals (British export opportunity?)

Fact | Foreign Affairs

“At the start of World War I, the Christian population of the Middle East may have been as high as 20 percent. Today, it is roughly four percent”

Fact | @HansRosling

“Tell everyone: 1972 women in Bangladesh had 7 babies & 22% died, 2012 they had 2 and 4% died!”

Briefing | The Atlantic

Since 2006, the stock market may have spiked and crashed thousand of times without anyone noticing

Chart | Mother Jones

The rate of gun ownership plotted against the rate of gun deaths for the fifty states of America

Map | Maps on the Web

The east is red – a regional breakdown of abortion rates across Europe

Cartoon | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics

Briefing | Spiegel Online

A German perspective on the British perspective on Germany’s eurosceptic AfD party

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