The Moggcast: Episode Forty Six, Tuesday 14th July 2020

Rees-Mogg on Lansley’s NHS reforms – “the people who are held to account” should “make the decisions.”

Our interviewee speaks to us about FDR’s new deal, the “extremely satisfactory” Withdrawal Agreement and his views on self-identification.

The Moggcast: Episode Forty Five, Tuesday 30th June 2020

“Sounds very like being at the casino” – Rees-Mogg is a stranger to Gove’s Monte Carlo method. Plus, our interviewee on why David Frost is the “Henry Kissinger of our days”, Tory rebellions and how he thinks churches will cope with social distancing.

The Moggcast: Episode Forty Three, Tuesday 2nd June 2020

“Our relationship with China is currently very much in the hands of the Chinese.” The Leader of the House of Commons tells us his views on Hong Kong, Dominic Cummings and how he balances his “absolute” loyalty to both the church and Government.

The Moggcast: Episode Forty Two, Tuesday 19th May 2020

“If the Government’s only fault is that it’s been too successful, I don’t think that’s a great fault”, Jacob Rees-Mogg tells us. Plus, why “Sir Keir, the nervous knight” and the opposition are “like having a hybrid parliament”, as well as his book on the Black Death.