The Moggcast: Episode Seven, Tuesday 24th April 2018

Rees-Mogg argues the “completely idiotic” customs partnership idea “should be knocked on the head”; that the ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy was a product of Home Office failure; and “the transition deal is a bad deal”.

Are Brexiteer MPs paper tigers?

At each turn to date, they have decided that the best shouldn’t be the enemy of the good. Which suggests that they won’t vote against any heads of agreement – however imperfect.

The Moggcast: Episode Five, Tuesday 13th March 2018

“Russia is a rogue state”, and using “a Magnitsky-style law” to “target people close to the Kremlin” should be the start of Britain’s response to the Salisbury attack. Plus, can Hammond hold the fiscal course in the Spring Statement? And is there a place for faith in politics?

The Moggcast: Episode Four, Tuesday 27th February 2018

“Should customs union be a vote of confidence? It doesn’t work like that anymore.” Jacob Rees-Mogg notes that Corbyn “now quite likes being a vassal”, and Labour’s new policy threatens the NHS. Plus: why pro-EU Tory rebels should not lose the Whip.