The Moggcast: Episode Sixty One, Tuesday 29th June 2021

“I think one of the Prime Minister’s many attractive qualities is loyalty to people who work for him.” Rees-Mogg also suggests that it may have been required for Hancock’s relationship with Gina Coladangelo to be declared.

The Moggcast: Episode Sixty, Tuesday 15th June 2021

Taking a knee “has become problematic”. And “I don’t think there’s evidence” that fans who boo are racist.

Rees-Mogg says that Merton’s dons “may be rather second rate” and that “you can’t run society just to stop the hospitals being full”.

The Moggcast: Episode Fifty Nine, Tuesday 18th May 2021

“It was absolutely essential that democracy was viewed as being as important to the running of the country as having the NHS working.”

The Leader of the House on how the House of Commons has scrutinised the Government during the pandemic.

The Moggcast: Episode Fifty Eight, Tuesday 20th April 2021

Greensill – “I’m still surprised the Government thought it would be cheaper to use the private sector”

The Leader of the House on Cameron, Heywood, the civil service, lobbying and (briefly) on a football superleague.

The Moggcast: Episode Fifty Seven, Tuesday 23rd March 2021

If we applied ECHR standards to countries we trade with, “we might not be able to trade with ourselves”. Rees-Mogg on his row with the Huffington Post, why the hybrid Commons should end – and how the quality of speeches “has been reduced”.