The Moggcast: Episode Thirty One, Thursday 1st August 2019

“Can we trust Boris?…Yes, he’s deeply trustworthy.” Jacob Rees-Mogg, Leader of the House, discusses how he was “gulled” by Theresa May, why it’s “premature” to talk about resigning if the October deadline isn’t met, and if entering Government means “my wings have been clipped”.

The Moggcast: Episode Thirty, Tuesday 16th July 2019

Hunt’s “personal attacks” on Johnson “make it harder” for him to continue serve in top Cabinet roles. Rees-Mogg also dismisses “this lunatic policeman” who threatened press freedom, and says “if necessary I will read out every word of [Darroch’s cables] in the House of Commons.”

The Moggcast: Episode Twenty Nine, Tuesday 18th June 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg says Boris Johnson “understands that If we don’t leave by 31st October, there’s no Tory Party to lead”. He mulls the “constitutional problem” of a new Prime Minister not requiring an election. Plus: his memories of 13-year-old Rory Stewart.

The Moggcast: Episode Twenty Eight, Tuesday 4th June 2019

Why Trump’s “bold approach to politics is a good one”. “We shouldn’t be frightened of being a great nation, and nor should the United States,” Rees-Mogg argues. Plus: the existential threat to the Conservatives, and the state of the leadership race.

The Moggcast: Episode Twenty Seven, Tuesday 21st May 2019

Our interviewee on the Brexit Party, his backing for Johnson, his new book… and why we should really be interviewing his sister.

The Victorians by Jacob Rees-Mogg – pre-order now:

Our view of May’s deal

Hers or Letwins? That’s what the choice is narrowing down to. From the point of view of trust in politics, how MPs vote will now make little difference – if any.

The Moggcast: Episode Twenty Five, Tuesday 12th March 2019

“If a Remain Parliament sabotages Brexit, that will do enormous damage to faith in our democracy,” with “electoral consequences”, Jacob Rees-Mogg argues. Plus: why he doubts the Cabinet is on the verge of ousting the Prime Minister.