The Moggcast: Episode Forty Three, Tuesday 2nd June 2020

“Our relationship with China is currently very much in the hands of the Chinese.” The Leader of the House of Commons tells us his views on Hong Kong, Dominic Cummings and how he balances his “absolute” loyalty to both the church and Government.

The Moggcast: Episode Forty Two, Tuesday 19th May 2020

“If the Government’s only fault is that it’s been too successful, I don’t think that’s a great fault”, Jacob Rees-Mogg tells us. Plus, why “Sir Keir, the nervous knight” and the opposition are “like having a hybrid parliament”, as well as his book on the Black Death.

The Moggcast: Episode Forty, Tuesday 31st March 2020

“You see in the face of a crisis that it’s the nation state that holds the keys, not the supranational bodies”, Jacob Rees-Mogg tells us. Plus: Why China’s relationship with the rest of the world could change “for the better or worse after this.”

The Moggcast Returns: Episode Thirty Eight, Tuesday 3rd March 2020

“Wash your hands for one verse of the National Anthem” – Jacob Rees-Mogg on how “we can all play our part” against Coronavirus. He also gives his view on “marvellous” Priti Patel and the role of the civil service. Plus: does he think his Grenfell comment was a mistake?

The Moggcast: Episode Thirty Seven, Tuesday 5th November 2019

“It’s such a pity that Nigel Farage hasn’t worked out that he’s won.” How will the election pan out? “Ask Sir John Curtice,” Jacob Rees-Mogg tells us. Plus: Bercow’s partiality “was damaging to the position of Speaker”