The Moggcast: Episode Fifty Three, Tuesday 26th January 2021

Neil O’Brien is “to the Coronavirus as Bill Cash was to Brexit”.

He’s doing a “fantastic job”; timetables for ending lockdown are “not particularly realistic”; claims Johnson relishes it are “ridiculous”.

The Moggcast: Episode Fifty Two, Tuesday 15th December 2020

“Parliament will not be an obstacle to ratification” of any exit deal, but the timing could pose constitutional difficulties.

Our interviewee on whether there will be an agreement with Brussels, the process of giving legal effect to it – and how quickly it could all be done.

The Moggcast: Episode Fifty One, Tuesday 1st December 2020

Labour faces “a battle between their natural authoritarian instincts and their political opportunism”

But “the majority of the Conservative Party will vote for the restrictions and the tiers”, says our interviewee. Plus: Is he any good at singing?

The Moggcast: Episode Fifty, Tuesday 17th November 2020

Cummings has a “willingness to shake things up and sometimes things get too shaken”. Our interviewee on the “disgraceful” treatment of Symonds and Johnson’s longstanding Euroscepticism. Plus: Why he voted for Theresa May’s third WA.

The Moggcast: Episode Forty Nine, Tuesday 3rd November 2020

“I think you’ve got to be much more patient”, says Rees-Mogg. “There’s always a demand to know things very quickly – but we won’t know things very quickly.”

“The job of the Prime Minister is to listen to people he thinks are very well informed”, he adds. “I think the people who have been advising him have been doing so with the greatest integrity and knowledge.”