The Moggcast: Episode Sixty Seven, Tuesday 16th November 2021

The Paterson aftermath. Rees-Mogg backs extending the Right of Recall – by making it “broader and higher”

“Safeseat-itis” is a problem, he says – suggesting that the Tories could use open primaries with constituency-wide postal ballots.

The Moggcast: Episode Sixty Six, Tuesday 2nd November 2021

On the Paterson case, “it would normally appear to be fair for those witnesses to be heard”.

Plus: the Standards Commissioner’s “interesting” refusal to call them. And, on COP26: “people will not vote to ruin their standard of living”.

The Moggcast: Episode Sixty Five, Tuesday 19th October 2021

“He was kind to everybody… He was adored in his constituency.” Rees-Mogg pays tribute to Amess.

And: How social media has soured political discourse. Plus: Why people who don’t come to constituency surgeries may be the ones most in need.

The Moggcast: Episode Sixty Four, Tuesday 21st September 2021

AUKUS and French outrage. “We should accept a little bit of garlic eating” says our interviewee.

And: why it’s reasonable that 12 out of 13 sacked Ministers are men. Plus: now he’s fathered six children “that’s probably it”.