The Moggcast: Episode Thirty Seven, Tuesday 5th November 2019

“It’s such a pity that Nigel Farage hasn’t worked out that he’s won.” How will the election pan out? “Ask Sir John Curtice,” Jacob Rees-Mogg tells us. Plus: Bercow’s partiality “was damaging to the position of Speaker”

The Moggcast: Episode Thirty Six, Tuesday 22nd October 2019

“Everything Letwin has done has been to frustrate leaving altogether,” and “asking for more time is pointless and foolish,” Jacob Rees-Mogg argues. Also: why he believes leaving the EU will strengthen the Union.

The Moggcast: Episode Thirty Five, Tuesday 8th October 2019

“The Government will obey the law, but it’s not necessarily entirely clear precisely what the law is.” Rees-Mogg considers why “legal activism has become part of our constitution”. And says Tom Watson faces “very serious questions” over his use of Parliamentary privilege.

Strangely subdued

The mood of this conference has been supportive but apprehensive. And now we are finally seeing the outlines of Johnson’s negotiating plan.