Election Battlegrounds 12) Northern Ireland

The DUP try to hold their position in the face of pro-Remain pacts whilst Sinn Féin try to unseat their leader and the smaller parties fight to regain Westminster representation.

Election Battlegrounds 11) Scotland

There are so many marginal seats here that a small shift either way could dramatically change the race – but at present, the SNP look on track for a good night.

Election Battlegrounds 10) Wales

Where the Tories have rallied in Scotland, Labour appear to have done so here. There is a broad range of possible Conservative targets, but only a few anticipated gains.

Election Battlegrounds 9) London

All three parties have a middling band of targets – what leaps out is how so many Cameron-era gains now seem out of the Tories’ reach.

Election Battlegrounds 7) South East

The Tories are targeting Labour-held seats and the Liberal Democrats Tory-held ones, whilst Labour’s possible gains are probably out of reach.

The Election Battlegrounds 2) West Midlands

Our region-by-region survey of possible key seats continues with a look at what is shaping up to be one of the key head-to-head confrontations between the Tories and Labour.