WATCH: Johnson’s Conference speech

“The only way to win the future is not to retreat from the world, not to abandon globalisation but to play our part, as we always have, in making the world safer and freer.”

WATCH: Davis’s Conference speech

“Now that we are leaving the European Union. It allows us to be more international, not less. It requires us to face the world, not looking away or glancing back, but with confidence and determination about the future we will build.”

WATCH: Rudd’s Conference speech

“What terrorists want is for us to fear, to turn away from each other, and to become divided. We will not. We will stay united, together. Because this is our Britain not theirs.”


Let that lion roar: Johnson’s speech in full

“A society that does not judge you for where you come from or your background or how you live your life provided you do no harm to others that is the syncretic genius of our country.”