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Episode 1 – How to be health secretary

In October’s inaugural episode, Dixon asks Jeremy Hunt for his view on the role of the health secretary and its relation to the management of the NHS. Joining the conversation is award-winning author Nicholas Timmins, who wrote the latest edition of the Health Foundation’s Glaziers & window breakers, a book which includes interviews with 11 former health secretaries together with original analysis.

Dixon, Hunt and Timmins look back at the major themes of Hunt’s time in office as the longest serving health secretary – such as patient safety and how far he sought to ‘ignore’ the reforms of his predecessor. But the conversation also looks forward. With the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic holding the world’s attention, what would Hunt have done differently? And what are the key lessons for government as we enter a new phase of the pandemic? This episode is available to stream and download below now.

Episode 2 – The Government’s role in tackling obesity in the UK

This month, the Health Foundation podcast addresses obesity. Joining Dixon for November’s podcast were:

  • Sally Davies, now Master of Trinity College Cambridge, who stepped down just last year as Chief Medical Officer for England and Chief Medical Adviser to the UK government;
  • Harry Rutter, Professor of Global Public Health at the University of Bath; and
  • James Forsyth, Political Editor at The Spectator, a regular on the Spectator’s daily podcast Coffee House Shots and who writes a weekly column for The Times newspaper.

In a thought-provoking discussion, the panel discuss trends relating to obesity in the UK and what can and should be done. Prevalence of obesity is higher in more deprived communities, and obesity is linked to a range of health conditions – as well as increasing a person’s risk from Covid-19.

Evidence tells us that communities, government policies, commercial influences, and many other factors shape our ability to be healthy – but people often think it’s up to individuals to manage their own weight. Some governments are also squeamish about intervention in people’s lives leading to a so-called ‘nanny state’.

However, recent polling by Ipsos MORI for the Health Foundation shows that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that people in the UK view the Government’s role in improving our health. The pandemic has also moved tackling obesity higher up the Government’s agenda.

So what should it be doing to tackle obesity? Listen below to find out.

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