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In our skies each day, there are thousands of flights moving passengers and cargo all over the world while supporting the UK’s military and general aviation community.

The UK’s airspace – the infrastructure in the sky – is made up of an intricate network of routes that keep aircraft flying safely. Its airspace handles around 2.5 million flights a year, carrying over 292 million passengers. And studies suggest that these numbers are set to increase, with 355 million passengers on 3.25 million flights expected by 2030.

Airspace has remained mostly unchanged for several decades and does not enable modern aircraft to fly as efficiently as they could. To manage the increasing demand for flying while limiting the environmental impact, the UK needs to modernise its airspace. This is an opportunity to transform our skies and make our journeys quicker, quieter and cleaner. If our airspace is not modernised, delays faced by passengers are likely to soar, with one in three flights being delayed by half an hour or more.

Collaboration between the Government, the UK aviation industry and the Civil Aviation Authority will be crucial to enabling this to happen.

The benefits of airspace modernisation will come in a number of ways. It will make air travel:

  • Quicker – driving business efficiency and providing capacity for the aviation industry to deliver as much as £29 billion by 2025 to the UK economy.
  • Quieter – new technology has the potential to offer communities predictable breaks from noise and allow planes to make quicker climbs and later descents.
  • Cleaner – with studies suggesting that by 2050, CO2 savings from airspace modernisation will be equivalent to 400,000 fewer flights.

Join guests including the Secretary of State for Transport for a drink at ‘The Aviation Reception – A Global and Connected Britain’ on Sunday 29th September as we look at the future for UK aviation.

WHEN: Sunday 29th September at 21:30

WHERE: Derby Suite, Midland Hotel

WHO: Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Secretary of State for Transport

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