Gatwick AirportThis is a sponsored post by Gatwick Airport.

With a new Government in place, the issue of airport expansion will become one of the first major decisions for the new administration to make.

Despite a new intake of MPs, a new Government and a new Cabinet, the same divisions of old remain with opponents to Heathrow resolute.

But against this backdrop of Heathrow’s political hurdles, Gatwick has remained the only deliverable option. This is because it is:

  • Cheaper: Gatwick guarantees its runway plans will be privately funded and will be half the cost of Heathrow expansion, with no need for billions of pounds of public subsidy.
  • Simpler: with land already safeguarded for expansion, Gatwick offers a much simpler solution without the complex challenges facing Heathrow – no tunnelling the M25, no landfill sites to clean up, simply Britain getting on with it.
  • Faster: Gatwick can have a second runway operational by 2025, delivering greater competition and better connectivity for the UK faster.
  • Quieter: the noise from Gatwick’s second runway would affect far fewer people that Heathrow’s third runway – that’s 36,000 people at Gatwick versus 683,000 at Heathrow.

So after decades of debate, the expansion issue has been up in the air long enough – with Gatwick, Britain’s new runway can actually happen.

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