As research by the Taxpayers’ Alliance and Policy Exchange has shown, Conservatives are still heavily under-represented when it comes to appointments to public bodies.

ConservativeHome has regularly highlighted some of the appointments to these bodies, and encouraged subscribers to apply, and we will continue to do so.

As well as checking out the appointments that we highlight, we would also encourage all those subscribers with an interest in offering their expertise to public bodies to sign up to the free Cabinet Office email alert service.

Here is the link for the service; setting up an account takes just a couple of minutes.

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Climate Change Committee – Members x 2

“The UK Government, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive are seeking to appoint two new members to the Committee: one economist and one person with business/industry/energy expertise. For both campaigns we will keep a reserve list for future opportunities that may arise.​As a Committee Member you will be responsible for developing the work of the Climate Change Committee, determining its strategic direction and providing impartial input into its work. It is important, and encouraged by the Climate Change Act 2008, that the Committee contains the range of expertise that is required to effectively produce its advice and recommendations. While all Members of the Committee participate and provide scrutiny in all discussions, each also has a particular area of expertise.”

Time: Minimum of two days per month 

Remuneration: £800 per day. Remuneration and expenses are taxable. 

Closes: 13 April

– – – – – – – – – –

Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works and Art and Objects of Cultural Interest (RCEWA) – Chair

“The Committee reaches a view on the merits of any object which one of the Secretary of State’s expert advisers refers to it. If the Committee finds that an item meets at least one of the Waverley criteria, it will recommend to the Secretary of State that the decision on the export licence should be deferred for a specified period. This will allow institutions and private individuals in the UK a chance to raise the money to purchase the item to enable it to remain in this country. 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the Waverley Report (1952) which led to the founding of the Committee. This is an occasion to celebrate and communicate widely the work of the Committee and its public impact. It is also an opportunity to take stock and ensure the Committee’s work remains relevant and responsive moving forward amid changes in wider society and the cultural sector.”

Time: Approximately 10 to 12 meetings a year (usually held on a Wednesday of each month) which may last up to a day  

Remuneration: The post is not salaried 

Closes: 16 April

– – – – – – – – – –

Post Office Limited – Chair

“Transformation is critical to the Post Office’s future. We are working to resolve past failures and fundamentally reform our culture, practices and operating procedures, prioritising strong and trusting relationships with Postmasters whilst we look ahead to ways in which we can adapt and innovate to better serve our customers across the UK. As our Chair, you will lead an energised board of executive and non-executive directors driving significant transformation to modernise the network, introduce more customer-friendly formats, and effectively address historic failures. You will provide outstanding leadership to this organisational transformation, to ongoing culture change programmes, and to rebuilding our relationships with Postmasters and other key stakeholders. At heart, Post Office is a commercial business with a social purpose, and our Chair will take the lead in ensuring that the future of the organisation reflects the best of what these two strands can offer consumers.”

Time: 2 days per week 

Remuneration: Up to £150,000 per annum

Closes: 19 April

– – – – – – – – – –

BBC Board – Member for Northern Ireland

“The BBC’s Royal Charter requires the BBC to ensure that it provides output and services that reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all of the United Kingdom’s nations and regions.  To help the BBC deliver this duty the Board includes non-executive Board members representing Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.  Nations members of the BBC Board are appointed by the UK Government with the agreement of the respective devolved Parliament or Assembly. “

Time: Up to 2 days per week 

Remuneration: The base fee for all non-executive directors is £33,000 per annum 

Closes:  22 April

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National Park Authority – Board Member

“The key functions of a member are to: ensure the National Park Authority furthers its statutory purposes, agree plans that ensure the Park is available to all parts of society, is relevant and is valued as a national asset for its special qualities, represent the Authority through collaborative working with external stakeholders at a national and local level, including other National Park Authorities, agree appropriate policies to meet statutory duties and participate in collective decision making, and encourage a creative, experimental, and innovative culture, where risks are appropriately managed”

Time: Six times a year including two workshops/site visits per year 

Remuneration: All members qualify for a basic allowance of £1,046 per annum, and there are additional allowances for members who take on certain special responsibilities 

Closes:  26 April

– – – – – – – – – –

Medical Research Council – Executive Chair

“MRC works closely with medical research charities, industry, the NHS and UK Government health research funders, including with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and gives a high priority to research that is likely to increase our understanding of illness and disease and that will make a real difference to clinical practice and the health of the population… The Executive Chair, working with the MRC Council members, is responsible for setting and implementing the strategic vision for MRC and through this, shaping UKRI’s direction and position on medical and biomedical research. As a visible and credible leader of both MRC and the wider medical and biomedical research community, you will provide direction ensuring delivery of world-class research, innovation, skills development and infrastructure investment.”

Time: Full-time 

Remuneration: “Competitive remuneration package”

Closes:  28 April