Eight years ago, the TaxPayers’ Alliance reported that “in the last year, five times more Labour people were appointed to public bodies than Tories”.

It currently reports that almost half of avowedly political appointees last year owed their allegiance to Labour Party, compared to less than a third for the Conservatives.

Despite the selection of some Party members or supporters to fill important posts, over time, the Conservatives have punched beneath their weight when it comes to public appointments.  One of the reasons seems to be that Tories simply don’t apply in the same number as Labour supporters.

To help remedy this, each week we put up links to some of the main public appointments vacancies, so that qualified Conservatives can be aware of the opportunities presented.

– – – – – – – – – –

British Council – Board Trustee

“The Board of Trustees is made up of 15 members. Board members are guardians of the British Council’s purpose and strategy and are ultimately accountable for the organisation’s actions and performance. The Board delegates responsibility for the management of the British Council to the Chief Executive. The Board also agrees the British Council’s Corporate Plan and approves the British Council’s annual accounts. The Board of Trustees meets seven times a year with its committees meeting four times a year in addition. More details about the governance and funding are available at [link]. The British Council is registered as a charity in England and Scotland and is regulated by charity law. It is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and works to reflect the diversity of UK society at every level within the organisation.”

Time: 18 days per annum.

Remuneration: “Reasonable expenses”.

Closes: 08 May

– – – – – – – – – –

Health & Safety Executive – Chair

“The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a Crown Non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It is responsible for the prevention of workplace illness, injury and death across the UK. DWP is seeking a Chair with a range of established skills and competences to help set HSE’s strategic direction to 2025 and beyond, drive regulatory excellence and oversee the organisation’s governance arrangements. We are therefore looking for candidates who can bring experience from other national and/or international organisations with challenges on a similarly large scale to those facing HSE. The Chair is expected to attend and preside over eight Board meetings a year, which take place at HSE’s headquarters in Bootle, Merseyside or in the regions or devolved administrations and involve an overnight stay.”

Time: 3 days per week.

Remuneration: £84,000 per annum.

Closes: 10 May

– – – – – – – – – –

Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education – Non-Executive Board Member

“The Institute was established as a Crown Non-Departmental Public Body, independent of Government and employer-led with a mandate set by Ministers. The Institute is playing a vital role in continuing the apprenticeship and technical education reform process and works on behalf of employers to support the delivery of high quality apprenticeships and T Levels in England. The Institute enables apprentices or learners to be confident that their apprenticeship or T Level is of high quality, respected and will help them to build a career with a clear market value.”

Time: 2 days per month on average

Remuneration: £15,000 per annum.

Closes: 15 May

– – – – – – – – – –

Crown Commercial Service – Non-Executive Directors

“Led by the Non-Executive Chair, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Board is responsible for the oversight of the operation of CCS, with emphasis on its strategic direction, management control, and corporate governance. All Non-Executive Board Members are expected to contribute to decisions covering the strategy for the organisation and the overall direction of the business, adding value by offering counsel, advice and challenge. We are seeking an exceptional individual to join our Board as a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Technology and Digital Transformation Committee to support progression of our transformation journey… To complement our existing Board we are particularly interested in hearing from individuals who bring recent experience in leading large scale digital transformation in either the private or public sector.”

Time: Approx 2-3 days per month.

Remuneration: £15,000 per annum.

Closes: 17 May

– – – – – – – – – –

Criminal Cases Review Commission – Commissioners

“The CCRC’s role is to investigate and review cases where it is alleged that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred in relation to conviction, sentence or both. The CCRC is entrusted with the exercise of wide-ranging, and sometimes intrusive, statutory powers. Commissioners are supported by senior managers, legal and investigations advisers, casework and administrative staff. Investigations are mainly carried out by CCRC staff but CCRC can require others, such as the police, to carry out investigations on its behalf… Commissioners may be called on to provide specialist advice depending on their background and expertise. Commissioners may also be involved in the training of staff and of fellow Commissioners; again, depending on the expertise they bring.”

Time: Min. 52 days per annum.

Remuneration: £358 per diem.

Closes: 18 May

– – – – – – – – – –

Student Loans Company Board – Non-Executive Directors

“As a non-executive director, you will play an active role on the board of SLC, supporting the SLC Executive Team and SLC Chair to deliver the company’s portfolio of priorities, overcome challenges and exploit opportunities, including the continued growth of its customer base, delivery of recommendations from the Tailored Review (Annex 3) and implementation of the Review of Post-18 Education. A key element of the role will be to work with the board to ensure that the resources and skills available to the Company are commensurate with and focussed on its delivery obligations. The SLC administers the data underpinning one of Government’s major assets: the Student Loan book. This data supports the sale of tranches of loans to monetise that asset for the benefit of the exchequer and taxpayers (£3.6bn raised to date). There may be other opportunities to realise the value, in the widest sense, of the SLC’s data in the future.”

Time: Two days per month.

Remuneration: £12,000, up to £17,000.

Closes: 19 May