Four years ago, the TaxPayers’ Alliance reported that “in the last year, five times more Labour people were appointed to public bodies than Tories”.

Since then, the figures have varied, and some Conservative members or supporters have been selected to fill important posts. 

Nonetheless, it remains the case that, since it took office in 2010, our Party has punched beneath its weight when it comes to public appointments. One of the reasons seems to be that Tories simply don’t apply in the same number as Labour supporters.

To help remedy this, every fortnight we put up links to some of the main public appointments vacancies, so that qualified Conservatives might be aware of the opportunities presented.

– – – – – – – – – –

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Chair

Accountable for a total planned expenditure of £3.2 billion (2016/2017), the candidate will have a collaborative approach and be focused on the long term. They will have a style and personality which will fit with the other Members of the Board and Government stakeholders. They must be committed to spending the time that is necessary to become an effective team oriented board member, including familiarising themselves with the breadth of stakeholders and NDAs activities.

Time: Up to 2 days per week.

Remuneration: £150,000 per annum.

Closes: 11 November

– – – – – – – – – –

Electoral Commission – Electoral Commissioner for Wales

“You will be an important ambassador for the Commission in Wales, building relationships with senior political and local government stakeholders, appearing before Committees of both the UK Parliament and the National Assembly, and from time to time as required representing the views of the Commission to the media. You will work closely with the Head of the Wales Office to develop our strategy, acting as a sounding board for the team… [and] will be the Chair of the Electoral Commission’s Wales Advisory Group (which was established after the May 2016 elections), and the Wales Assembly Parties Panel.”

Time: 4-5 days per month.

Remuneration: £374 per diem.

Closes: 11 November

– – – – – – – – – –

British Broadcasting Corporation – Chair of the Board

“…applicants must be able to provide specific evidence of strong leadership skills at board level, including the ability to chair meetings and represent a large institution in the public arena; they must be able to demonstrate past experience of resilience in the face of pressure. Furthermore, one of the key tasks for the new Chair will be establishing a new Board from scratch, ensuring the right mix of skills and experience are in place to lead one of the UK’s most prominent public institutions.  Experience – and willingness – to create, shape and lead a new Board will be looked on favourably.”

Time: At least 2-3 days per week.

Remuneration: £100,000 per annum.

Closes: 16 November

– – – – – – – – – –

Office of the Schools Adjudicator – Schools Adjudicator

Schools Adjudicators make legally binding decisions on a range of school matters. Most frequently they deal with objections to and referrals of admission arrangements. Adjudicators also make decisions and give advice in relation to securing places for children who need them; resolve disputes about school land and make decisions in certain circumstances about school organisation matters. The appointment will be for a period of three years and the first year will be probationary.

Time: Part-time, 60 days per annum minimum.

Remuneration: £355 per diem away from home/£58 per hour at home.

Closes: 18 November

– – – – – – – – – –

Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee – Chair

“The VAPC Chairperson and members play a central role in promoting the interests and welfare of Veterans and their families. The committees meet between 2 and 4 times per year and members are expected to be involved in a wide ranging agenda of issues relating to the functions of the committee set out above. Suitable candidates may come from a wide range of backgrounds and, whilst knowledge of service life would be useful, it is not necessary.”

Time: 2-4 meetings per annum.

Remuneration: Voluntary.

Closes: 20 November

– – – – – – – – – –

Bank of England – Deputy Governor for Markets and Banking

The new Deputy Governor will be responsible for managing the balance sheet of the Bank. He or she will look after the execution of financial stability and monetary policy decisions via balance sheet operations, the management of the Government’s foreign exchange reserves, gold custody services, the operation of the real time settlement system, the effective risk management of these operations and the gathering of market intelligence relevant to policy decisions.

Time: Full-time.

Remuneration: £270,000

Closes: 21 November

– – – – – – – – – –

Ofsted – Chair of the Board

“The next Chair of the Ofsted Board will play a key role in the continued effective running of Ofsted over the three years of their term. The Chair will work in partnership with the Chief Inspector, the Board and Ofsted’s senior executive team, leading the Board to discharge its statutory responsibilities, setting and monitoring objectives and targets for the organisation and the Chief Inspector, and providing high quality support and challenge.”

Time: Two days per week.

Remuneration: Honorarium of up to £46,800.

Closes: 21 November

– – – – – – – – – –

Companies House – Chair

The Board is advisory rather than fiduciary and its principal roles are to ensure challenge of the executive team on behalf of ministers and BEIS, set the organisation’s strategic direction, and to oversee operational effectiveness… The new Chair will lead the Board through a period of continued change for CH, overseeing the delivery of its digital transformation programme, implementation of new legislation and advising how it can work efficiently and effectively with other organisations in a tough financial climate.”

Time: Minimum 48 days per annum.

Remuneration: £28,450 per annum.

Closes: 21 November

– – – – – – – – – –

Office for Students – Chair

The Office for Students (OfS) will be a new public body created as the market regulator for the Higher Education sector… We are seeking to appoint an outstanding Chair who can bring strong leadership and focus to the OfS, working with the Board, Ministers and the CEO to provide clear strategic direction. The Chair of the OfS is a new part-time, non-executive role at the forefront of the Government’s Higher Education reform agenda. The Chair will lead both the creation of the OfS, and set the direction for the work of the OfS in its first years of existence.”

Time: Two days per week approx.

Remuneration: £60,000 per annum.

Closes: 24 November

– – – – – – – – – –

National Infrastructure Commission – Chair

“The National Infrastructure Commission sits at the very heart of the government’s plans to renew and expand Britain’s infrastructure. With a broad remit and great influence, the Commission will shape our infrastructure for generations to come. The Chancellor is seeking to appoint a permanent Chair to oversee the Commission’s infrastructure advice across multiple sectors and to shape the strategic direction of the NIC and its recommendations to the government… The Chair of the NIC will be a thought-leader and an independent voice on infrastructure.”

Time: Three days per week approx.

Remuneration: £142,000 per annum (pro rata).

Closes: 02 December