Lord Lilley is a former Secretary of State for Trade & Industy and for Social Security.

The fate of the Belfast Agreement and of the United Kingdom itself hangs on the outcome of the negotiations on the Northern Ireland Protocol, which may come to a crunch within weeks.

Rarely can such a crucial issue have been given such cursory and one-sided analysis in our media. The EU case – that the Protocol is permanent and immutable without EU consent, that any attempt by the UK to change it would invite massive retaliation, that without it there would have to be a hard border and that there is no alternative other than the whole of the UK submitting to EU laws – has been reported uncritically and gleefully endorsed by pro-EU commentators.

Yet there is a powerful legal, moral, political and practical case for replacing the Protocol which has scarcely been reported. Moreover, some of the key arguments justifying that change – which the UK ought to be deploying in Parliament, the media, Northern Ireland and the US – have been largely ignored.

I shall spell out some of those neglected arguments on this site over the coming days.